‘The recorder in England in the long nineteenth-century'.                         
Nineteenth Century Music in Britain Conference 
                              Canterbury, 2019.

‘The flageolet on the stage in nineteenth-century England'.
The London Stage and Nineteenth-Century World II,
                                New College, Oxford, April 2018.

‘A musical enigma - the Baroque bass recorder'.                         

                               Foundling Museum conference on eighteenth-century music,

                               London, November 2017. (Co-authored with Isobel Clarke)

‘The flageolet - a woodwind instrument which transcended social class and gender in the nineteenth-century'.                         

                               Birmingham conference on nineteenth-century music in Britain,                                
                               Birmingham, June 2017.

‘The small flute concerto in eighteenth-century England'.

                         17th. Biennial international conference on Baroque music,                           

                               Canterbury, July 2017.
‘Octave flutes in European art music of the long eighteenth century'.

                        5th. Annual scientific meeting for sound and musical instrument studies, 

                              Tomar, Portugal, October 2016.

‘William Bainbridge: an innovative woodwind instrument maker'.

                         Made in London: makers, designers and innovators in musical instrument making, from the 18th. to the 21st. centuries,

                               London Metropolitan University, London, May 2016.

‘The Bird Fancyer's Delight: a tutor for gentlemen and canaries'.

                         Foundling Hospital conference on eighteenth-century music,

                               London, November 2015.

‘The recorder in the nineteenth century'.

                         The Galpin Society and the Institute of Acoustics Conference,

                               Cambridge, September 2015.

‘The small flute concerto in early eighteenth-century London'.

                         British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference,

                               Oxford, 2015.

‘The recorder, the flageolet and the csakan: amateurs' duct flutes in the long nineteenth century'.

                         Grove Forum, Royal College of Music, London,

                               London, November 2014.

‘3rd. Annual scientific meeting for sound and musical instrument studies'.

                         Braga, Portugal,


‘The roots of the revival of the recorder'.

                         Conference 'The Roots of the Revival',

                               Horniman Museum, London, March 2014.

‘The English flageolet'.

                         Musical Instruments, History, Science and Culture: The Galpin Society and CIMCIM,

                               Oxford, July 2013.

Voice Flute stamped ‘METZLER/LONDON./WARDOUR ST.’